Enter E-250EL LCD TV Tuner with FM

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  • Support LCD Monitor
  • Easily switch video source (TV, AV)
  • Auto-Scan TV Channels
  • Inbuilt Speaker
  • Support Resolution up to SXGA (800×600 ~ 1920×1200 * 60Hz)

  • Watching TV on your monitor
  • Store up to 1,000 channels
  • With perfect electronic switch between PC and TV, the picture is clear and steady
  • With scan line duplication, the color of the picture is exquisite and perfect
  • Best image quality with 24 bit color
  • Simply plug and play
  • Supporting OSD function
  • Video out function
  • Perpetual calendar function
  • Safe and efficient external switching power supply suitable for 110V/220V
  • Note: This TV Tuner Can’t be used with TV/Plasma directly and this will only supports LCD 
Brand Enter
E2S Smart
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