Sky Power Solar Inverter 300VA 12V 10 Amp

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Input Voltage(Ups) 180 - 260V
Input Voltage(Inv) 90 - 280V
Output Voltage (Main Mode) Same As Input
Output Voltage (Inverter Mode) 220+/- 5%
Output Frequency 50Hz+/- 0.1 Hz
Mains To Inverter Switching Automatic
Inverter To Mains Switching Automatic
Output Waveform On Mains Mode Same As Input
O/P Waveform On Inverter Mode Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency > 80%
Inverter Overload 120.00%
Inverter Short Circuit 300.00%
Technology Dsp Based Design
Pv Panel Max. Voltage 45 V
Pv Panel On Load Output 31 V
Output Current 10 A
Battery Full Charge Cut Off 27.6V Dc
Brand Sky Power
E2S Smart
Smart Business Assistant