POLYCAB (0.75sq mm) FRLF PVC insulated Single core unsheathed industrial cable 90 mtr (Green)

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  • Polycab single core FRLF wire is eco & environment-friendly to the environment & suitable for use where high flexibility is of prime importance. This is also suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in industries, household appliances, power supply for refrigerators, air conditioners and building electrification.
  • Features :
  • Higher Current carrying capacity with great energy saving.
  • Smooth & glossy surface with enhanced lubrication properties.
  • High Insulation Resistance 


Color Green
Size 0.75 sqmm
Brand Polycab
Material Copper
Insulation Material PVC, FRLF PVC
Cable length 90 m
Voltage Grade 1100 Volts.
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